Tuesday, 26 April 2016

Getting Rewards for Shopping : Double Mazaa

Besides providing a range of products at very competitive prices with a comfortable experience, another benefit that we can obtain from our on-line shopping is getting extra cash-back offers by just applying a different route. As the name implies and as we all have availed in our routine online shopping, cash back offers is earning of cash rebate or refund from amount with which we have done shopping. 
Now a days various cash back sites have started, that are providing cashback offers in addition to the offers and discounts already provided by the e-commerce sites, thus helping save more money. Most of the sites also provide transfer of earned cash directly to your bank account.

For earning extra cashback you just have to follow these steps :

 1) Login to one of the cash back site.
 2) Find link of your favourite shopping site (easily visible with percentage of cashback provided)
 3)Click on link
 4) Start your routine shopping.

To get much better results and to save more just screen different cashback sites and find the best cash back offer. As every site provide different cashback offers for  particular shopping site.

Below is list of some popular cash back sites:

1) Cashkaro.com


2) GoPaisa.com

3) Sitaphal.com

4) encashit.com

5) Lafalafa.com


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